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An Attractive Smile Makes a Lasting Impression

With the advancing dental treatments, Implants provide the best permanent solution to missing teeth. Dental Implants can be used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Dr. Chahal at Lodi Family Dentistry is the provider for Dental Implants. He is skilled to do the dental surgery in the office and then provides the needed restoration.

Do you know Dental Implants work and look like natural teeth? Yes, they actually do. The titanium Implant serves as the Dental Root as it is permanently placed in the jaw bone and then a crown is fabricated on it, looking and functioning just like a natural tooth. As a matter of fact the Dental Implant tooth never gets a cavity – Isn’t that interesting?

You may call us @ (209) 369-1051 or fill up the form below to find out if you are a candidate for Dental Implant.

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Dentistry is profession, but people are focus

At Lodi Family Dentistry we are very keen on providing the best oral hygiene practices for our patients.Dental Cleanings can be of various kinds depending on patient’s periodontal (gum) health. People who are usually good at brushing twice or more a day, flossing every day, using mouth rinses and water picks or other aids are less likely to have gingivitis (inflammation of gums) or periodontitis (advanced stage of gingivitis). If you fall in this category you will need a regular teeth cleaning from our hygienist twice or three times a year.

People who are cannot maintain their oral hygiene (could be due to multiple reasons) or have underlying conditions like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, taking multiple medications or females who are pregnant can sometimes develop advanced gingivitis or periodontitis which results in loss of bone around the teeth causing the teeth to become mobile and eventually loss of teeth. Basically at this stage the bacterial count in the gums increase causing deeper periodontal pockets which cannot be cleaned during a regular cleaning procedure, so Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is recommended. This could be completed in one or multiple visits depending on the extent of the periodontitis. The goal of SRP (commonly referred to as Deep Cleaning) is to remove the bacteria from periodontal pockets using ultrasonic instruments, lasers and antibacterial irrigating solutions. After this kind of cleaning patients are advised to see our hygienist more frequently (four times a year) until the optimum gum health is established.

Brittany is our very dedicated Dental Hygienist at Lodi Family Dentistry who will help you establish the gum health you need. Call now to make an appointment with experienced hygienist and the dentist. Call (209) 369-1051 Or Fill up the form below to contact us.

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Invisalign – No need for metal braces

Do you know Invisalign can help you achieve a great smile without having to go through metal braces.

Invisalign aligners are made of high quality transparent plastic which helps move your teeth to the desired position and angle. They are very easy to use and clean.

Ask Dr Chahal if Invisalign is an option for you. We proudly provide invisalign services at Lodi Family Dentistry. We use I-Tero scanner for in chair simulation of Invisalign treatment at no cost. Call now to set up an appointment.


Root Canal Treatment – They are not painful !!

There may be multiple reasons why a tooth needs Root Canal Treatment (RCT). Common reason is the tooth decay that is not addressed in timely manner which progresses to the inner layer of the tooth known as the pulp (bundle of nerves in the tooth) causing the tooth to get sensitive to cold and sometimes hot drinks or foods.

Other reasons may be a crack in a tooth – Commonly known as Cracked Tooth Syndrome. Fractures in the teeth due to accidents is another reason why RCT may be needed.

We are equipped with latest rotary instruments that make the RCT procedure faster, efficient and painless. Dr Nishandeep Chahal is a provider for Root Canal Treatments. You can request an appointment via email or calling us @ (209) 369-1051


The Healthy Smile Through Science and Artistry

Crowns are permanent restoration to a compromised tooth. Any tooth that has fractures, worn down or large cavities can be fixed by placing natural looking crowns.

At Lodi Family dentistry we use the cosmetic materials such as E-max and Bruxzir to fabricate crowns and bridges for you. We believe in quality, that is why we use the best materials.

Bridges are made to replace missing single or multiple teeth permanently. Our team is committed to provide you the best smile.

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Veneers – Providing you that winning smile

Veneers are thin porcelain layer that we put on your teeth to give a perfect shape, size and shade to your teeth.

Call Lodi Family Dentistry today to get that winning smile .

Periodontics is a highly specialized area of dentistry that treats the area “around” a tooth, including the gums, bone, and supporting ligaments. While modern dentistry has given us healthier, brighter, straighter smiles, more than half of American adults still suffer from gum disease. A healthy-looking smile is often mistakenly equated with good overall oral health, but this is not always the case.

  • A consultation is provided, and X-rays are done, if needed
  • Treatment and the post-operative recovery process are discussed; this includes diet limitations and possible bruising
  • A team member will set up an appointment and go over financing options or insurance with you