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4-Implant Smile

4-Implant Smile

Today, patients who are missing teeth can once again enjoy the benefits of a complete and beautiful smile. With a procedure we call the “All-on-X”, we can help patients who have lost all their upper and/or lower teeth quickly rebuild their smiles and speak, smile, and eat with renewed confidence and ease!

Enjoy a stable, secure, and natural-looking smile

With fewer implants and shorter treatment times, the All-on-X offers an attractive, stable, and long-lasting implant-based solution to patients who have lost all their upper and/or lower teeth.

Unlike removable dentures, this treatment method does not rely on messy dental adhesives or natural suction to hold your new set of teeth in place. Instead, your replacement teeth are secured in place by four strategically placed dental implants, giving you a smile that looks not only great but also feels strong and stable. With your brand-new set of teeth, you’ll feel comfortable and confident eating your favorite foods, speaking with others, and enjoying your smile.

It’s your turn to smile again.

Best of all, you never have to go without teeth! With this method of care, a fully functional set of temporary teeth is placed the same day as your procedure. This remarkable feature offers the added benefit of having an attractive and complete smile to share with the world until healing is complete and your permanent ones are placed.

Why wait any longer?

For skilled and experienced care you can trust, contact our office. We offer the most advanced dental implant-based solutions to transform incomplete smiles into ones that look great, function well, and inspire confidence!

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